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I’m a relative newbie to landscape photography, being my second workshop, so I was a bit apprehensive at first. However, I could not have enjoyed the workshop more. I found Curtis to be an excellent teacher as well as a photographer. He was attentive, approachable and knowledgeable and gave me some excellent guidance. We went to some breathtaking remote locations and as the groups are small there was plenty of space to set up and compose your shot. We had our own private chef who produced three-course meals that I would happily order in any restaurant accompanied with wine and Highland whiskey. We also had group discussions selecting our best photo of the day, which I found tremendously helpful. I left feeling much more confident about my photography and can’t praise the workshop high enough and would thoroughly recommend it.

Mark, United Kingdom (Autumn in Scotland 2013)

Being a photographer isn’t a prerequisite for these workshops. In fact, for me, it was great to participate in an organized program that freed me from planning the tour myself, researching and finding transport, and allowed me the opportunity to see some breathtaking landscapes. I participated in one of Curtis’s tours as a non-photographer on a seven-day trip to the Isle of Skye and it was hands down one of the most incredible vacations I’ve ever experienced. Great conversation, comfortable lodgings, outstanding meals prepared by a chef who accompanied the group – it was truly the perfect setting for my first trip to Scotland. Curtis is extremely knowledgeable and makes every effort to help participants make the most of their trip, whether it involves photography or enjoying whatever fantastic setting the group is visiting on any given day. I hope to be able to participate in another workshop again someday!

Dena, United States (Isle of Skye 2015)

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for a wonderfully organized tour: everything was fantastic, the locations, the houses we stayed in (especially on the Isle of Skye – if it were up to me, I would have stayed there forever!!!), and the lovely food. I would also like say thank you for the warm and friendly atmosphere throughout the entire trip! I wish you luck, and I hope that we will have to chance to travel and photograph together many times in the future.

Olga, Russia (Autumn in Scotland 2013; also attended Iceland 2012, Autumn in Slovenia 2015)

I lead photography workshops as well as attend them myself and without any hesitation can recommend photo workshops led by Curtis! He knows the best places to go, the best times to be there, and can be a patient instructor if you need help with your photography. Small groups and a great photo tour, highly recommended!

Jim Caldwell, United States (Autumn in Scotland 2015)

I love the outdoors, though I'm not an avid photographer, but really enjoy the tours put together by Curtis. We have made some life-long friends on his tours so don't hesitate to sign up!

Carolyn Caldwell, United States (Autumn in Scotland 2015)

This was my first-ever landscape photography workshop. I  had an idea of what to expect, but the reality far exceeded my wildest dreams. Before I really started to consider going to Iceland for a workshop, I was afraid the cost would be exorbitant, but the price was very reasonable, and the whole trip was professionally organized and aimed at meeting the needs of the participants. In the end, after a five-day workshop, I felt like I had been away on at least a two-week expedition! The workshop provided me with countless amazing experiences, a huge amount of knowledge – theoretical knowledge about photography, which was supported by practical experience in landscapes incomparable to anything I had seen before – not to mention Curtis’s attentive, professional, and personal approach.

Marek, Poland (Winter in Iceland 2014)

When the trip began, I had been serious about my photography for a little over a year, but this was far from being my first photography tour, and so I have something to compare it to …

These are the key points in my opinion:

- group size: when 10-14 people, besides the guides, travel on a photography tour, even if everyone is easy to get along with and punctual so that the group isn’t late leaving for sunrise, there may simply not be enough room for everyone at the location. In our group, there were three participants, in addition to the guide.

- the attention that the guide, Curtis, devotes to you: he can clearly and intelligibly explain what you need to do. It is also possible to learn from other participants, but the guide’s knowledge on this tour was more than enough.

- the organization of the trip itself: I’ve taken part in several photography tours where we either took photos or we ate. This time, it was completely different. After returning from shooting, whether in the morning or the evening, our chef, Kyle, had prepared a fantastic breakfast or dinner for us.

- critique sessions: since the group was small, it was possible to devote sufficient time to each participant and to each photograph.

- and, of course, the atmosphere: I hadn’t enjoyed such an uplifting trip in a long time.

The purpose was photography, of course, but if we didn’t have any luck with the light, I always knew that a wonderful dinner in excellent company was guaranteed in any event. There was, however, one serious deficiency on this tour: that it ended too soon.

Dmitry, Russia (Autumn in Scotland 2013; also attended Iceland 2012 and Autumn in Slovenia 2015)

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